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Courtepointe, a dazzling patchwork

jeudi 13 octobre 2016, par Administrateur du site.

On the 28 September 2016, we were in Rennes and we went to see Découflé Courtepointe in the TNB. The show is called « Courtepointe » which is a play on the french word « courte », in english « short » to refer to the shortness of the different pieces. That compose the whole show and there is « pointe » that is the word for the dancing shoes and technique, also the tip of a needle. It’s a reference to the precision of the technique and the elegance of the dancers.

Courtepointe is a series of little dance shows and the whole show is divided into two parts. The white part and the black part separated by an interval of 18 minutes. For every show, the technique changes (beatbox ; orchestra ; video…). There’s a lot of variety in the techniques.
The music was played in front of us. The dancers were singing, beatboxing and in the background there was electro house music.
A visual show was shot in live and projected on a black background. Videos were splitted into a series of parallel screens and each part was projected with an out of step effect.
We’ve all loved Découlfé’s Courtepointe and all the audience seems a bit intrigued by the show but everyone loved it.