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Anthony Poupard : the play

jeudi 6 novembre 2014

We went to see Anthony Poupard’s show « It is written an Michel Drucker’s wikipedia page that he was born a 12th of september in Vire » on Thuesday the 7th in the evening at Haye Paysnel’s théâtre. The Show was about relations between father and son, he played multiple roles like Jean Noël the « direprogprog » of théâtre of Paris orthough the tragedy of Phedre by Racine The narates some passage of his life about an actor of decentralization who wants to become recognized by people as a good talented actor. Ha was naked during this part of the show to represent Thesee. In the show, Anthony interpreted same characters like Seneque, Isabelle Adjani/hupert or a journalist, end he included Michel Drucker’s secretary. It finished in a dramatic way.

Thanks to he assistats, light effects and the music, the spectacle becomes more realistic. Especially during the grandfather scene where the lights become bluey-green and create shadows on his face which make him seen older than reality. He plays a lot with a false-reality by including the public in his play. This act makes the play more interesting to the spectators. This creates a « mise en abyme »

All these elements made this show interesting and amusing/fun. Meanwhile the first part was the most alluring.

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Aaron, Johanna, Rachel, Jason, Fanny