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An interview with a daring actor : Anthony Poupard

jeudi 9 octobre 2014, par Jean-Pierre POIRIER, Marie-Françoise SIDA.

Anthony Poupard was raised in Le Havre. He studied at highschool « Port Océan du Havre ».He started to do theatre when he was thirteen after a prank he pulled on one of his teachers : « one day I hid myself in a cupboard to make my teacher think there was a rat, and when she opened it, I jumped out ; She exclaimed « instead of clowning around, why not go to the Clec » » In highschool , he studied litterature with a theatre option. After that, he went to an art school where he studied theatre. Later, he joined the Valence Theatre Company.
When he started working in Vire’s theatre he wanted to prove to people that theatre is not boring and only for people who read books, and are scholars. So he created his new show titled « it is Written that On Mr. Drucker’s Wikipeida Page that He was Born a Twelth of September in Vire » . He came to our highschool to rehearse and talk about his new play. It is about decentralization when actors go to little towns to play their plays so that people who don’t live in Paris can enjoy theatre. This play is also a sattire about the world of theatre.
The play is for people who want to know theatre, people such as teenagers ; Most passages, he says, are autobiographical . He said that his main character keeps running back and forth, and in order to stay fit, he has to work out. So he asked some pupils to execsize with him, so that they could get an idea of how physically demanding the job is. When asked if he had any advice for aspiring young actors he quoted Tcheckov’s uncle Vanya’s « nobody should have to give you advice on what you want to do ».

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