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The Pupils : their origins - Timothée Couëtil

mercredi 22 juin 2011

The Pupils : their origins

It can be said that our class is multicultural. In fact, certain students have Britain and Irish origins, while others come from even further ; from Russia and Australia. There are some interviews with them ! Jeanne, whose mother comes from Ireland, have answered my questions. Her parents met in the U.S.A, they married and then settled in France, where Jeanne was born one year later. Daniil is Russian, his mother and his stepfather too ; But his two little brothers are French, because they were born in France. Daniil arrived in France when he was ten, but one part of his heart remains in Russia (it’s wonderful ! ). So, now, you know everything about him ! And please stop asking Daniil questions about Russia... And so to conclude, the most multicultural pupil of the class : Sanderson ! In fact, he was born in Sydney(in Australia), then he went to Marseille (in France !), to Prague(Tchec Republic), and finaly, he arrived in our high school ! After such a long trip... and he told me that the disadvantage of travelling a lot is that you lose friends, but the advantage is that you meet new ones !