Anaerobic Digestion : prototype N°2 The Start Up

Brian Sherrah, élève de 1ère L, a traduit en anglais l’article « La méthanisation, mise en route du prototype n°2 »

The members of the association My ‘BiogaS (Association law 1901 dedicated to the ESS, “social and solidarity economy”) have reprised the follow-up of a new prototype. The research is done on the free time of the students from the association. They are always curious to see the progress made in the studies and research, which constitutes the follow-up and study of the final project : build an anaerobic digester, for those in a secluded habitat.

The second prototype imagined by Mathieu, three years ago, has been installed in the high school. It has a volume of 1000 liters, is equipped with a mixer, also equipped of an anaerobic incoming channel for the wastes, and an ordinary receptacle for the recuperation of the biogas. Two students from the IUT are pursuing studies on the project, which will be followed-up by the young members of My ‘BiogaS. The prototype has been charged up to half and seeded with slurry, full of bacteria. The broth of cultivation will take a few days before the temperature starts showing and the biogas producing.

This is a new study which will contribute to the knowledge of the reaction, in little quantities, of the waste mix. The two installations, which we visited, have confirmed us that the wastes produced by the school restaurants would be very good material for their anaerobic digesters. We have recuperated green wastes from the school restaurant. The work is in progress and the pick up of new students is promising us, from the start, new horizons. The works of the young students at My ‘BiogaS will animate a new episode in the weeks to come. In the meanwhile, we wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year.